Hyper Echo Art

 Hello! My name is Jodi.

My favourite type of doodle was always Echo Drawing. You just start with one squiggly abstract line, then repeat or “echo” it out until you fill the whole page. I could sit for hours doodling like this. After it’s drawn, you fill in the lines with colours.  Then one day I decided to take it to Photoshop and instead of squiggles, I would create angles with straight lines, and instead of filling the lines with a solid colour, I would fill them with images. Hence was born my new creative, Hyper Echo Art!

My art is created to be exciting, fun, lively, flashy and loud.
My intent is to evoke feelings of happiness and joy. I strive to create digital art that stands out and brings positive energy and good vibes to all spaces.

I have many more pieces on my website.  Please inquire about any designs you see there.

Bring some excitement to your space!





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