Soul Works by Ash Myers

Ash Myers grew up locally in the Burlington Escarpment area. Time in northern Ontario fed her love for the rugged, natural beauty of the province of Ontario.  Ashley called jaw-droppingly beautiful, Jasper, Alberta, home for many summers while completing university.  You can see elements of these places in her early work.

 Trees are especially close to her heart. Their ability to endure and adapt to an ever-changing environment inspired many of her early paintings and, more generally, her life.   The Group of Seven, Emily Carr, John Nieto, Paul Gauguin and countless lesser known artists, are ever-present in her mind when working on a piece.  Nature’s quiet resilience was the backbone of many of her paintings early on.

 A few years ago, Ash began painting portraits.  She then set a goal to paint 100 icons in the arts, entertainment and humanitarian fields.  She just passed the 50 mark and is still going strong. “Painting portraits is like solving a puzzle...each brushstroke being a piece.  You know which pieces fit and those that don’t. With each stroke, the face begins to take shape and, once the eyes are done, the figure comes to life...such a transformative and satisfying process.”

 Ashley sums up art’s importance...”For me, art represents a time and space to remember and to find myself and to lose myself; It is a sanctuary.”

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